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Dog Training

About Our Dog Training Programs

Circle T Retrievers will do a prescreening for each dog before entering into the training program, given by Jarrett Thompson. Also, every dog must have proper documentation of vet records, such as vacations and shots, beforethey will be allowed to enter into training. All dogs are required to have current flea and tick medications while in training. Circle T Retrievers will provide Nex-Guard for an additional $22 a month, if the dog does not have this prior. ProHeart 6 can also be provided for $70 total by veterinarian for heartworm prevention. If other medications are desired we can provide these for an additional charge.


Circle T Retrievers feeds Purina ProPlan Sport dog food to all dogs in training. If you wish for your dog to eat different dog food you will either provide the food or provide payment for pick-up and purchase of the different



Circle T retrievers will not be responsible for an injuries your dog may attain during training sessions. If your dog is harmed during these events you will be responsible for all veterinary bills. The dog will be able to return for the remaining amount of training when it is deemed fully healthy or able to start rehab. 10 week programs are a general basis for all dogs completing training. All dogs progress at different rates during the training program. It may take longer for some dogs to grasp training concepts. Clients will receive updates

on their dogs’ progress every few weeks.


Hunt test fees are an additional charge not included in the training price. The price will vary depending on what level your dog is competing. Client will be required to pay for the entry fees for competition, handler’s fee for each day the dog will be running, and performance fees for each test the dog passes. Entry prices are subject to change per event. Special hunting trips are available for client dogs to attend. Contact for pricing. Appointments are available for clients to come work with their dogs. Notice must be given at least two days prior. Pick-up and delivery of dogs coming into or leaving training is available and can be arranged for an additional fee,

National Average Rate of cents per mile and $10/Hour. All prices are subject to change in the future.

Circle T Obidience Dog Training Program

5 week obedience only training program



- Sit

- Here

- Heal

- Kennel

- Load Up in Vehicle

- Leash Walking

- E-Collar Conditioning

Circle T Dog Boarding

Open to dogs that have gone through any of our 5 week programs

Includes training/exercise and dog food




$10 Bath

Circle T Puppy Head Start Program

The Puppy head start program is for retriever owners who want to get the young puppy off

to the right start so future training can come more easily for the puppy as it grows.

Contact for pricing and further arrangements

- Introduction to bird wings

- Introduction to bumpers

- Cap guns

- Water

- Birds

Circle T Summer Tune Up Dog Training Program

2 week minimum commitment by owner/dog for tune up training. Tune up

training is for dogs who have been through a 10 week course of training either at Circle T retrievers or other reputable dog training kennel. Tune up training is required for all dogs wanting to compete in hunt test that are not currently in training.

Circle T Starter Dog Training

10 weeks minimum for initial training program

This includes:

First Ten Weeks

  • Obedience

  • Force Fetch

  • Introduction to Gun Fire

  • Introduction to Dog Blinds and Equipment

  • Introduction to decoy spreads and hunting set ups with birds

  • Simple Marking

Circle T Seasoned Level Retriever Training Program

In the seasoned level retriever program we are advancing the dog through basic handling drills on land and water. Then we are working your dog on simple to moderate blinds. Our goal in the seasoned level dog training program is teaching your dog to be able to mark multiple birds down, retrieve to hand, and then run a short to mid range blind with a diversion bird. Your dog will graduate with the skills to hunt and successfully run a seasoned level hunt test. 

10 Week Seasoned Retriever Training Program


- Baseball Drill

- Whistle training

- T-Drill

- Reverse T-Drill

- Water T-Drill

- Reverse Water T-Drill

- Water Honesty

- Site Blinds/Beginner Blind Work

- Double and Diversion Marking

- Seasoned level set ups

Circle T Finish Level Retriever Training Program

Finished level Training is for dogs who have gone through the other levels of training and are working on difficult 3 to 5 Marking set ups and long distance blind running and concept training for the complete hunting/hunt test dog.

  • Multiple marking

  • Distant blind work

  • Honor dog

  • Finish dog Set ups

  • Big decoy spread marking

  • Concept training

Circle T Upland Bird Dog Traing

5 Week minimum to 10 week commitment to include force fetch/retriever training for

upland dogs


Training varies depending on the dog breed and client aspirations.



- Birds and gunfire

- Obedience training

- E-Collar Conditioning

- Pointing/flushing training

- Force Fetch

- Retriever Training

Circle T Shed Hunting Training Program

Three week minimum commitment

Shed hunting is offered to those dogs that have been through a minimum of a

5 week obedience training program.

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